Ice Maker Repair

Texas is hot during the summer, and not having an icebreaker because it’s faulty can be a heartbreaker. Save yourself the hassle and call Jake’s Appliance Repair, your best solution for appliance repairs in Spring, TX.

Icemakers come in many forms, some are built into freezers and refrigerators and others are portable. Provided you own major branded appliance, our professional engineers can repair it, same day. If it’s an older model or strange, we’ll have it running in no time. Our team is top of the line and well-trained with an endless supply of experience on their belt. We’re here to provide you the best service for repairs you’ll ever have.

Why did my icemaker become faulty?

To ensure the best results, the internal temperature of an ice maker is recommended to be no less than 0 and no more than 5 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s any different from this, your appliance may have an issue.

To find out the reason why you should scour the common issues to save yourself money and time in the long run.

You may be wondering if you’re going to need an engineer to come and repair your appliance. Well, if you’ve got experience repairing appliances in the past and you’re not going to be guessing, you can try this and see how it goes. But it’s best not to make DIY Repairs in order to prevent further damage to the appliance.

If you hire a professional, not only is it more convenient it’s also cost-effective and safer in the long run. The fact is that professional appliance engineers have the experience to fix issues quickly. They know the regulations around safety and know what to do and what not to do. Whilst also coming with the correct tools and the experience using them.

Usual problems, repairing them and the process of troubleshooting

Ice Maker has stopped working

Sometimes on an Ice Maker, the arm for control can be stuck in place or has moved manually, this stops the ice maker from working. This control arm is used when the ice bin fills up, it moves and pauses the ice-making when full.

Another common issue is blockages in the waterline, meaning the appliance doesn’t get the water to make any ice, thus making it unable to work. Along with the water line becoming blocked, so can the valve for water inlet. Alternatively, the switch for the door could be stuck, suspending the ice makers’ standard operations.

Cleaning the appliance thoroughly and installing replacement parts (if damaged severely) can resolve these issues.


Leaks can be a disaster, causing harm to other appliances and items around. If the appliance is not level or aligned correctly, this could be the most common cause. Alternatively, there could be damage to a supply line, usually requiring a replacement. Ensuring that the ice maker is level on the ground usually resolves the issues, however, if that still doesn’t fix it give Jake’s Appliance Repairs a call today. We’ll have it back up and running in no time.

Ice tastes strange/won’t come out/looks different

Another common issue is with the ice itself, on the chance that the ice from your maker looks strange or tastes different, it’s possible that a supply line, valve or filter may need a replacement or repairs. Often it can be the case that there is something stuck in the dispenser too.

If your ice maker is not ejecting ice cubes correctly the reasoning could be endless, however, the mold heater, motor for ejecting or a thermostat may be the cause.

Considering replacement

Ice makers, if looked after correctly and supplied with high-quality water could last 5 years or more. Any longer than that and you may find it breaks down often, usually meaning that replacement is required. Luckily, we’re here to help you locate a good replacement and come out to your house to install it.

Regardless of your appliance faults, we’re able to help. Give us a call today.