Freezer Repair

To avoid unwanted frustration when dealing with a faulty freezer, you should learn how to troubleshoot it for issues such as when it stops running, makes strange noises, frosts up or if it’s too cool. This can save you time and money, only taking up 20 minutes on average.

Common Signs of a Broken Freezer

The build-up of Frost. This is a common issue and usually happens when there is a fault with the thermostat, door gasket or defrost timer. Making these repairs requires you to know about freezer parts.

A noise that is unusual. Often, freezers can make strange noises. These are usually related to the motor or fan blade having issues. You must know how to inspect these parts.

Freezer won’t start. If you are having issues with your freezer not starting, begin by inspecting the capacitor, start relay or thermostat. You must know how to replace these parts and understand how to test them to repair this.

Freezer runs continuously. Regular testing of the defrost thermostat, timer and temperature controls are important to repairing the freezer when it does not stop running.

Freezer gets too cold. Often freezers can get too cold, sometimes even to the low of 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If this happens and the freezer continues to get colder even below 0, you should check the thermostat, temperature control, and user controls.

Freezer gets too warm. Much like getting too cold, a freezer can become too warm. To find out what is wrong with it, you should test the thermostat, user control and defrost timer.

Freezer Repair Issues

Freezer Producing Puddles

Often is the case that water supply lines are connected to water dispensers in the freezer. This can cause leakage and sometimes a pool of water in the freezer. If your fridge is lacking in features, this can create an issue. Almost every fridge allows excess water out in the form of ice and condensation. Sometimes the system that deals with this fails, causing puddles on the inside and outside of your fridge.

The first thing to check is the water supply line. By pulling out your fridge, you should be able to see where the issues are coming from. The inlet valve is often the most common culprit, ensure that the bolts are tightened.

Always replace leaking copper or plastic tubes. Tubing is usually done from both the saddle valve and an inlet using a screw on the compression fittings.

On most fridges, water drains to a container under the fridge where it evaporates. If the fridge is tilted, water is sure to spill. Level your fridges to resolve this issue.

Drain tubes on a fridge should be maintained and cleared often. If the drain tubes are blocked, water could leak out of the fridge and into the compartments, or worse, on the floor. The cover panel can be removed before unplugging.

Some older freezer models may require the unscrewing of a floor panel. A hairdryer or heat gun can be used to melt the ice build-up, then using a sponge to clean the melted ice away. Then it’s best to clean the drain hole, air can be blown into this to clear it.

Tire pumps and air compressors can do the job or any tube that can fit into the hole.


Noisy Freezer

Some freezers are naturally noisy, but if yours is being extremely so, it’s usually coming from the compressor or either the evaporator or condenser fan motors. Open the freezer door, you should notice that the noise is louder if it isn’t the fridge should be moved to access the back.

Most modern freezers have a condenser fan motor. To access this the back cover should be removed by unscrewing it, this will help you locate the noise source. You’ll notice it’s either from the fan itself or the compressor. Buying a new fridge is the only fix for a loud compressor.

If, when opened, the sound becomes louder. The chances are it’ll be the evaporator fan motor with an issue. Luckily this is easy to replace, simply unscrewing the back cover panel should show you where.


You’ll find yourself needing to repair an appliance at least once or twice. However, fixing a freezer really isn’t so hard. Understanding the basics of how a freezer works and how an issue can be diagnosed will help you along the way.

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