Dishwasher Repair

Gone are the days of washing your dishes by hand. Dishwashers take that job and give you time to relax instead. Although, when a dishwasher is faulty or is having issues it can cause major inconvenience. At this point, you need a dishwasher repair company.

These repair companies should always offer professional services to fix dishwasher problems from the drain to wash cycle troubleshooting. This is all to ensure your dishwasher provides the quality delivered when you purchased it.

A highly trained dishwasher technician should be at the ready to resolve your problem with speed and professionalism. Along with this, maintenance should be offered to ensure that the whole dishwasher is working as expected to extend the life of the appliance.

Common Signs of Dishwasher Issues that Need Repair

It’s important to call a repair company should you notice the following issues with your dishwasher, it may require service.

Cloudy glassware. If your glassware is cloudy at the end of a cycle, it shows that there could be an issue with the rinsing process or the water used is too hard for the glass. It’s important that you look for a technician to solve this as soon as possible.

If dishes are not clean at the end of a cycle your dishwasher’s heating element could be burned-out, your pump assembly could be worn or even the spray arm holes are blocked. A technician should always be there to help repair this issue.

If your dishwasher hums loudly before it turns off there could be an issue with the motor, which can often mean replacement.

Wash cycles are taking a long time. If your dishwasher seems to be running for a longer time than usual, it could have errors with its completion of the cycle. This can be as simple as an issue with the timer or a broken thermostat.

Water not filling the dishwasher. If water does not fill the dishwasher the chances are you’ve got a failed valve or an issue with the water inlet solenoid, the timer or the overflow float switch is stuck.

No water pumping out. This could be something as simple as a drain line being clocked, a worn-out solenoid or an impeller that is faulty. These can all prevent water from being pumped out.

Leaking dishwasher. This is the fault none of us want to see but is unfortunately common. Most often when using too much soap or a soap that is not compatible. Other issues could involve leaking pump or motor assembly, worn spray arm and the door gaskets being loose or worn.


Repairs on a dishwasher can be completed by yourself and are often replaced as a unit. Although this is affordable and easier than having a professional do it, it’s often best to take it for testing by professional if you’re unsure that the dishwasher is usable. After this testing, it’s best to then decide between a new dishwasher or repairs.

Most dishwashers are connected to the plumbing and electrical systems at the same time. When working on a dishwasher you must remember to take this into consideration. Before beginning work, make sure that you have disconnected both power and plumbing.

Other important things to note are the fuse in the circuit breaker, which should be removed because it controls the main entrance panel. And turn off the supply for water connected.


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