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Do you have an appliance from a popular manufacturer that requires repair? We can help.
We’ve got you covered regardless of if it’s a dryer, washer, oven, refrigerator, freezer or dishwasher.

If you live near Spring, TX. We’re here to get your appliance up and running better than before.


GE is one of the most famous brands out there. After being in business for over a century they are popular for their innovation and development of products to benefit the customer. These fantastic features are no joke. GE sells all kinds of appliances from ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and more.

These appliances have what GE calls different ‘personalities’, or what we might know as different product lines. From CAFÉ appliances, MONOGRAM, and the GO profile series.


Samsung is one of the most innovate companies out there, not only manufacturing appliances but also many popular electronics. They use this massively to their advantage when producing top of the line appliances. Some of these appliances allow you to pair other Samsung Devices, like your mobile phone, to them in order to control them wirelessly. Incredible technology!

The Samsung appliance lines are all equally pleasing to the eye if you enjoy a good-looking appliance Samsung is sure to deliver. Being the top appliance brand in the US, Samsung has become a household name and whether you’re looking for a refrigerator or a washer that does more, Samsung has you covered.


LG is a world-famous brand, often delivering best-selling appliances to the globe. The appliances are often blessed with sharp innovation and extreme reliability. Where LG really shines, however, are their laundry appliances which stamp out any competition from coming even close.

The kitchen appliances from LG are also often praised for being exceptionally reliable and rarely require servicing.


You’ll have heard of Bosch before, the brand makes exceptional kitchen appliances. Mostly coming in the form of dishwashers, in which the company excels. But their excellence does not stop there, the customer and service support that comes when buying a Bosch appliance is second to none and simply outstanding.

Worldwide, Bosch manufactures some of the most incredible appliances and continue to do so, even after over 150 years in operation. The features that come with some of these appliances are simply ground-breaking and make life for you more convenient than ever before.


Maytag may be a lesser-known brand, but they deliver professionally with a promise on reliability and support for both service and parts. Their confidence stretches as far as to give a limited 10-year warranty which should tell you about the quality of their service and products.

They are built to last, and last; they do. Their laundry appliances which are innovative in themselves are also equally dependable.


If you’ve owned a refrigerator before, chances are it was a Kenmore. Why? Because they are ranked highly almost everywhere in consumer magazines. The great thing is that not only do the refrigerators look amazing, but they also give innovative and intelligent features, performing with excellence.

But it doesn’t stop there, Kenmore doesn’t only sell refrigerators. Their extensive lineup of appliances is almost endless, if you can think of the appliance, chances are Kenmore sells it, although often not manufactured by them.


The name makes it obvious, but Frigidaire manufacture fridges, excelling in that market. Focusing on simplicity their appliances get the job done by sticking to the basics. The perks of this are that their appliances are budget-friendly. With consistency, Frigidaire products are ranked as one of the best appliance brands on the globe. Along with this, they are also claimed as among the most reliable when coming to Consumer Reports.


Viking produces excellent kitchen appliances. As a subsidiary of the Middleby, who are the largest commercial-grade kitchen appliance, manufacturer. Surprisingly, over half of the kitchens in restaurants across the world use, Middleby labeled appliances. This is an incredible selling point of Viking, who manufactures some of the greatest domestic appliances you can buy. Built to last for a long time, equal to that of their restaurant-grade appliances from Middleby.

Take your phone and call Jake’s Appliance Repair in Springs, TX. We’ll have your appliances back up and running before you can say “abracadabra” – regardless of the brand.